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Artificial Insemination

At Highland Pet Hospital we are experienced in all forms of artificial insemination. There are many different factors that can determine which method will be the best for your pet- when a natural breeding may not occur due to the location of the sire or the dam, or if other physical or behavioral issues do not allow for natural breeding to happen.

Artificial insemination in FloridaVaginal Insemination

This is the most common, and least complex form of artificial insemination. With vaginal insemination, a pipette is inserted into the vagina. It is highly recommended that only fresh or fresh-chilled semen be used in this technique with a bitch that is known to have good fertility.

Transcervical Insemination

Just like the name would suggest, the insemination takes place with the semen being deposited within the uterus, past the cervix. If the quality of the semen to be used frozen, or of questionable quality, transcervical insemination is a better choice. We use a special instrument to pass through the cervix to deposit the semen.

Artificial Insemination has become widely accepted and popular- and we can discuss which option may be best for your pet if a natural breeding is not an option. If the estrus cycle has been managed properly, conception rates are exceptionally high for all methods.