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Coronavirus and your Pets- What’s the risk?

It has been all over the news lately- and it’s reach is growing. I’m talking about the Coronavirus that has originated in China. We’ve been getting lots of calls and emails from concerned pet parents about this. I want to take a... Read more

Hurricane Dorian Preparation

Ladies and Gentlemen, UPDATE: Monday, Sept. 2 11:30 AM Polk County is under a Tropical Storm Watch. This means that Tropical Storm force conditions are possible through the duration of the watch period.  At this time, we intend to be open for... Read more

Xylitol- the artificial sweetener that’s not sweet to your pet

Sometimes television news is slow to catch up to what we’ve been telling pet owners for quite some time- or maybe we weren’t telling the right people, or maybe we weren’t saying it loud enough.  I’ve seen numerous reports on all of... Read more

Grain Free Diets- Causing Heart Disease?

There has been a lot of talk lately about pet nutrition and potential links to a disease called Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). There is a lot more research going on at some of the best veterinary schools around the country- and some... Read more

Human cancer drug fatal to your pets

One of the many benefits of living here in Florida is the weather- and we’re appropriately named the Sunshine State! Of course, too much of a good thing can be bad- as too much exposure to UV rays has been linked to... Read more

Hurricane Season 2019

We joke about it a lot. Lots of folks say we really only have two seasons here in Florida- Snowbird season and Hurricane season. But hurricane season isn’t anything to joke about, and it’s upon us again. We all need to begin... Read more

Get Ready for airVet- virtual visits for your pet

Virtual visits for your pet Many of you may already be taking advantage of technology when it comes to your health with virtual visits with your personal physician. Some human doctors don’t even require an office visit- and you can make your appointment... Read more

It’s Alligator Mating Season

Here in Florida, it seems we have a season for just about everything. Beginning today, April 1st, it’s officially alligator mating season. Although alligators can’t check their calendars, the warming spring temperatures increase their metabolism, which means they become more active- and... Read more

Dogs Distracting Drivers

Could you get a ticket for petting your dog while driving?  It could be a possibility if the Florida Legislature gets their way.  A new bill has been introduced in the Florida Senate that takes aim at distracted drivers- and it goes... Read more

Hills Dog Food Recall

Recently, there have been a large number of pet food recalls due to elevated levels of Vitamin D. Up until now, these recalls have been limited to brands that we do not carry of offer at Highland Pet Hospital. Unfortunately, that has... Read more