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Breeding Soundness Examinations

A breeding soundness exam is exactly what the term implies. A ‘BSE’ -as we call it in the clinic- allows us to determine if your male or female pet is a good candidate to breed. Our goal with this examination is to determine the overall health of your pet, and learn if there are any abnormalities that could be passed on to the litter.

breeding soundness exam in Florida

The BSE is similar to a wellness/annual examination that we would do on your pet, but much more in depth. We will also discuss your pet’s medical history in greater detail- especially in females to learn about past breedings and the results.  Even if your female has been bred in the past, it doesn’t mean that they are automatically a candidate for another breeding. We take every breeding very seriously- and it starts with a thorough breeding soundness exam.

Is a breeding soundness exam really necessary?

Yes, it is. Even if your pet appears to be perfectly healthy, there are a variety of issues- if unseen- could lead to a failed mating or insemination, complications during gestation, difficulty in whelping or worse.  A BSE is most always required before we will assist in a breeding, with very few exceptions.