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Gestational Aging Via Ultrasound

Breeders Gestation Aging with ultrasound in FloridaSince the gestation period in dogs is relatively short, it is important that the puppies are fully mature at the time of delivery in order for them to survive. To help you prepare for a normal whelping and set up medical care in case of any complications, we use state-of-the-art ultrasound to estimate the gestational age of the litter. This service becomes even more necessary when ovulation timing is lacking- or if there is a singleton, or oversized fetuses.

Unfortunately, known breeding dates alone does not provide due dates with adequate accuracy. In cases where there has been inadequate or no breeding management or ovulation timing, estimation of due date can be performed at the time of pregnancy diagnosis, or closer to term.

Please contact us to schedule your dam’s appointment for an ultrasound.