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Progesterone Testing – Same day

Progesterone Testing in Florida Pet HospitalEvery step of the breeding process is critical to ensure the health of the bitch and litter- but probably the most crucial step is knowing exactly when to perform the breeding. Whether the breeding is done naturally or artificially, knowing your pet’s progesterone level will tell us when your pet is ovulating- and when to breed.

We offer in-house progesterone testing, which means that we can get your pet’s progesterone results back within a few hours. Sometimes, multiple progesterone tests are needed over the course of several days to best understand when your pet will be ovulating. We suggest scheduling the first progesterone test 5 to 6 days after the start of your pet’s heat cycle. This may be altered a little based on your pet’s prior history.

Each breeding method will impact when we recommend performing the breeding or insemination– whether it’s a natural breeding, artificial using chilled semen or surgical insemination. We will discuss this with you while planning the breeding.