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Whelping Supply List

breeding & Whelping Tips in FloridaEven if you’ve helped deliver dozens of litters- it’s always a good idea to have a checklist to ensure you have all of the supplies you may need for that special moment.  We do not recommend novices whelp by themselves for their first litter. Having experienced or professional assistance and guidance can often be the difference between joy and tragedy.


Some of these supplies are easy to find at your local pharmacy or medical supply store. Other items may be harder to find locally and may be better to order online. This list was compiled with the assistance and guidance from our good friend and breeding specialist Dr. Marty Greer at Veterinary Village.

1. Bulb syringe – to suction mouths of newborns

2. DeLee Mucus Trap – to suction newborns' airways

3. Exam gloves, latex or vinyl – to protect breeders from vaginal discharges and placental fluids and the bitch from ascending infections

4. K-Y Jelly® – to lubricate gloves if vaginal examination is indicated

5. Hemostats – to clamp off umbilical cords

6. Suture or dental floss – to tie off umbilical cords

7. Tincture of Iodine - to treat the umbilicus at birth, 2 and 8 hours post partum

8. Chlorhexidine disinfectant solution – to disinfect surfaces in the whelping and nursery areas

9. Heating pads, rice bags, or Snuggle Safe® – to keep pups warm during transport

10. Puppy formula – if supplemental feeding is indicated

11. Feeding tube – for tube feeding puppies – there are red rubber feeding tubes and silicone tubes

12. Hair blow-dryer - to aid in drying wet puppies.

Thanks to Dr. Marty Greer for sharing this valuable content from her Breeder’s Library
Her book “Canine Reproduction & Neonatology” is invaluable to breeders and is available on Amazon.