Highland Pet Hospital

5631 U.S. Highway 98 South
Lakeland, FL 33812



The doctors and staff of Highland Pet Hospital understand the issues and problems of "Dog Show" people because we are "Dog Show" people ourselves. Employees of this hospital are breeders, handlers, owners, trainers and instructors. We have campaigned specials in numerous breeds, we have sat with our benched champions at Madison Square Gardens for Westminster, we have taught weekly obedience classes and weekly conformation handling classes, we have organized fun matches, we have served as trial secretaries, we know the thrill of first and the emptiness of second, we have seen majors disappear because of one absent dog, and we have earned majors because of group wins.

Breeding purebred registered dogs, competing in conformation shows, obedience trials and agility trials is a big part of the lives of this hospital's employees. It defines the philosophy of this hospital. Highland Pet Hospital's emphasis on canine reproduction is a direct result of our interest in purebred dogs and meeting the needs of our purebred breeder clients.