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Wellness Care

Highland Pet Hospital wants to provide outstanding, compassionate care for the life of your pet. Just like you should visit your primary care doctor every year, your pet should see their veterinarian each year for a wellness examination- even if your pet appears to be perfectly healthy.

Pets age 4-6 times faster than we do, so it’s important that we see your pet each year. Annual wellness exams help us ensure your pet remains healthy, and any early signs of disease are diagnosed before they become a major problem & expense.

During a wellness exam, we will examine your pet from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail looking for an abnormality that is concerning. Of course, if your pet looks great- we’ll tell you that, too! We will pay particular attention to:

•Skin/Coat condition




•Respiratory system

•Pulmonary system

Depending on your pet’s age, we may recommend bloodwork for your pet. Bloodwork is our most valuable diagnostic tool, as it tells us how their internal organs are functioning. Even if your
pet looks great and appears healthy, bloodwork will tell us for sure.