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New Airline Rules for Service Animals

UPDATED March 12. 2019 American Airlines has established new rules related to flying with service animals or emotional support animals (ESA’s). Beginning on April 1, 2019, ESA’s will be limited to a dog or cat only. For service animals, dogs, cats and... Read more

Essential Oils and The Threat To Your Cat

Can a popular trend be making my cat sick? The truth about essential oils and your cat. Although they’ve been around for decades, essential oils have become very popular of late.  I’m not here to debate the potential human health benefits of these products, but to inform you that, yes, certain... Read more

Holidays and your pets

We know that Thanksgiving 2020 will likely not be the same as it has in year’s past thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic for many of you. Whether you have chosen to host a large gathering, or if you’re planning on keeping it... Read more

Irma’s rain brings mosquitoes (and possibly heartworms!)

Hurricane Irma was the first major hurricane to make landfall in Florida in many years. Many of us here on Florida’s west central coast were lucky, suffering only minor damage, if any at all. Hours after the storm, Irma’s effects were obvious... Read more

To Pee or Not to Pee…

A few months ago, one of my blog posts discussed the myriad of reasons why we want to examine your pet’s poop each year. Equally as important as checking your pet’s poop is to check their other waste product- their urine. It’s... Read more

Glaucoma and your pet’s vision

I am often asked about diseases or conditions that can affect both humans and our pets. Some of them are zoonotic, which means they can be passed from our pets to us (these are rare, and I’ll discuss those in another blog)-... Read more

Hurricane Season 2018 – Still Going

We’ve been fortunate here in the Lakeland area in 2018 with the hurricane season so far, but others here in the Sunshine State have not been so fortunate. Hurricane Michael has reminded us that hurricane season isn’t over until it’s over.  Remember-... Read more

Canine Influenza is back – Is your pet at risk?

Canine Influenza has recently been confirmed in Florida. Several dogs have been diagnosed with the potentially deadly virus, according to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Many of the cases are thought to have been spread during a dog show... Read more

The Deadly Cane Toad (AKA Bufo Toad)

At Tampa Veterinary Hospital, we love seeing all types of animals- not just the furry ones! We enjoy seeing lots of reptiles and amphibians- but there are some toads out there that we wish just weren’t around. You may have already heard... Read more

Your Pet’s Oral Health

Why is Dental Care for My Pet Important? It’s now early February, and I’m actually on the road in Orlando at the NVX Conference- where thousands of veterinarians like me are taking classes and continuing to learn about the latest trends in... Read more