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Breeder’s Quick Reference Guide


Dog breeding tips in Florida

Before You Breed

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Responsible breeding requires you to focus on your goals to improve your chosen dog breed in multiple areas including performance, health and longevity, temperament, and conformation.

frozen semen artificial insemination in Florida

Semen Collection & Freezing

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For approximately 40 years, veterinarians have had the technology to freeze or chill semen for insemination at a remote time and/or distance.


breeding & Whelping Tips in Florida

Breeding / Whelping

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At Highland Pet Hospital we are experienced in all forms of artificial insemination. There are many different factors that can determine which method will be the best for your pet- when a natural breeding may not occur due to the location of the sire or the dam, or if other physical or behavioral issues do not allow for natural breeding to happen.


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Ultrasound can be used as early as day 28 and confirms both presence and viability of fetuses. The number of pups can only be estimated with ultrasound. Puppy count x-rays can be taken from days 58 to 62 of pregnancy.


pet c section & pet hospital in Florida


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Undergoing a surgical procedure is one of the biggest decisions that you as a pet owner can make for your pet. It is essential that you choose the facility and procedure carefully so the outcome can be the best possible.

weaning puppies in florida

Neonatal & Puppy Care

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Careful management of the pregnant bitch (prenatal period), birth of the pups (parturition) and the postpartum (neonatal) period is critical to assure the best possible outcome. In other words, YOU are in control of your puppies’ destiny.