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Online Meds

Highland Pet Hospital has a complete licensed in-house veterinary pharmacy with medications, prescription animal products and many other supplies for your pet’s health and safety. We also offer many of these same products in our convenient online store. These products can be conveniently ordered and shipped directly to your home in most cases. If you prefer, you can request your refill directly from us and pick them up when they’re ready- usually the same day.

The cost of our products compares favorably to all major online pharmacies with the advantage that the medications are dispensed by a safe, reliable source without the chance of counterfeits that may be unsafe for your pet. Be sure you are getting the highest quality products from our reputable veterinarians who know your pet the best.

Buying from one of those ‘big name’ online pharmacies is not always better- or cheaper. Not only are our medications guaranteed to be safe, our suppliers often provide our guests with special coupons and rebates when you fill your prescriptions at Highland Pet Hospital. Some of these benefits are valued at up to $70- and they’re not available in retail stores. It only seems like you’re getting a cheaper price.

If your pet is a patient of Highland Pet Hospital, you have access to our online store.

Pet medication refills & vet in Lakeland FL

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Prescription Refills

Does my pet need an exam for a new medication or refill?

As long as we have examined your pet within the last 12 months and you are requesting a routine medication, an exam may not be necessary. If your pet has a new problem or we are concerned about which medication is most appropriate, we may ask you to bring the pet to the hospital for an exam. Please be aware that there are certain medications like seizure drugs where blood work or other lab tests may be required every six months.

If your pet has not been seen by HPH within the past year, an exam appointment is required before a prescription refill can be legally authorized. Not only is an exam required by Federal and State laws but also it is our medical obligation to assure your pet gets the exact medication needed to treat the problem.

Are there dangers if I order drugs for my pet online or buy them at a non-veterinary retail store? I see pet drugs being sold everywhere, even at my local pharmacy.

While many online pet pharmacies adhere to professional standards, you cannot be sure that the drugs you receive are made in America. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration does not approve importing medications from outside the United States but you cannot be sure of the country of origin from online or local retailers who are trying to keep their costs as low as possible. It is also hard to verify that medications are the correct dosage and have not expired.

It’s important for your veterinarian to be aware of all the medications your pet is taking to ensure that the drugs will not interact to cause harmful side effects.

Finally, not all heartworm and flea prevention medication contain all the necessary ingredients to protect your pet even though the drug packaging may look the same online or in a pet or retail store. If your pet becomes infected with heartworm disease even though you were giving it medication from an online or retail store, you can be sure they will not pay $1,000-$3,000 dollars to treat your pet.

Can we get refills in advance for medications like heartworm and flea preventatives? Can they be renewed automatically?

In most cases, we are happy to provide you with a three, six or twelve month dose pack. These larger quantities often include discounts, manufacturer rebates or additional doses offered by the manufacturer. Call us to find out if there are any current promotions you may take advantage of.