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Travel Supplies for Your Bitch’s C-Section

List of items to take for a C-Section

•The pregnant dog in need of the C-section

•Cell phone

•Tarp, shower curtain, or vinyl tablecloth to cover the seats or floor of the car

•Crate large enough for the pregnant bitch to travel in

•Large Vari-Kennel crate with top ½ removed, which easily gives you access to the bitch or preferred a baby pool

•3 Blankets for inside crate or pool. One for the way down, then a clean one for the return home and a smaller one that will go on top of the heating pad. So the heating pad is between the blankets. Or you can use large towels I cover the bitch and puppies with a large towel on the return home everything covered except the bitches head so there are no drafts on the puppies, or you can clip a towel over most of the crate, allowing room for easy access if needed

•Heating pad – take two, one for the crate/pool for the return ride home and one for in the basket. Don’t forget the adapter to plug into

•Hot water bottle – take one just in case something happens and the heating pads don’t work

•Plastic laundry basket – to use after puppies are cleaned up and getting ready to leave the clinic

•Towels – plenty of them!! Hand towels and full size bath size towels

•Small garbage bag

•Paper towels

•Kleenex – especially good for pooping puppies


•Water dish for bitch, and or a squirt bottle of water


•Ice (I bring ice just in case you have a bleeding dew claw) or Quick-Stop or Antiseptic powder, or all of the above

•Normal first aid kit

Thanks to Dr. Marty Greer for sharing this valuable content from her Breeder’s Library
Her book “Canine Reproduction & Neonatology” is invaluable to breeders and is available on Amazon.