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Fresh Frozen Plasma Use for Neonates

Fresh Frozen Plasma Use for Neonatal Puppies:

combat fading puppy syndrome - breeding specialists in Florida1. Keep all plasma frozen until use.

2. To thaw, carefully warm the plasma to body temperature. Only warm the tubes you will be using at each administration – keep the remaining tubes in the freezer. This is best done by warming to body temperature by placing tube against your body for heating, in a pocket, etc. Do NOT heat in warm water or microwave as this will denature/damage the proteins and render the product ineffective. Gently rock the tube during thawing; do not shake.

3. The dose is 5 cc per puppy 3 times over a 24 hour period. If this can be administered in the first 24 hours after birth, it can be given orally with a feeding tube. After the pups are 24 hours old, it must be given by subq or IO injection to be effective.

4. Draw 5 cc of warmed plasma into a syringe. Using a feeding tube (less than 24 hours old) or a 20 or 22 gauge needle (for pups over 24 hours old), inject the warmed plasma. If given subq, hold the skin pinched to prevent outflow from the injection site. If given by feeding tube, carefully follow instructions for feeding tube administration.

5. Repeat 2 more times in the next 24 hours. Change to subq injection if the pups have exceeded 24 hours of age before the doses are administered.

6. Please call if you have questions prior to administration of the plasma.

Thanks to Dr. Marty Greer for sharing this valuable content from her Breeder’s Library
Her book “Canine Reproduction & Neonatology” is invaluable to breeders and is available on Amazon.